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November 2006


Great News - we have just revamped the design of the website and at the same time added loads of new products, just in time for Christmas.

Some of the new products we have added include:

It's not long now until Christmas, so place your orders early to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas.

Also in this issue:

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The Beauty of Murano Glass

Italian Murano Glass continues to enchant people worldwide. Murano Glass is highly collectable and some pieces can fetch quite a price.

Made on the Italian island of Murano, Italian Glass blowers have continued the tradition of 700 years and continue to produce some of the finest glass objects in the world.

Glassmakers were moved from Venice in the year 1291, as the glass foundries represented a fire hazard and the Venetian Republic ordered that the foundries be moved to the island of Murano as many of the houses in Venice at that time were made from wood.

Glassmakers soon became the leading citizens on the island and in the late 14th century daughters of the glassmakers could marry into Venice’s blue-blooded family’s.

The glassmakers developed and refined the art of glassmaking and for a long time were the only people in Europe who knew how to make mirrors. Their glass was highly sought after and prized throughout Europe and the world and Murano glass artisans held a monopoly on quality glass for many centuries.

Today, the glass makers continue the tradition of producing fine and elegant glass pieces.

New Products

We have just added lots of new products, see below for a selection or visit our What's New page regularly for updates.

Below is a selection of our new items:

Murano Glass
Murano WIne Bottle Stopper
Jewellery Boxes
Furniture Style Jewellery Box
Glass Files for fingernails & feet
Glass Files for Pets
Glass Files for Cats
Blue Swirl Heart Pendant
Ribbon Necklace

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