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August 2006


I can't believe its August already, what has happened to the year? I mentioned this to someone a few days ago and they turned around and said it's not long to I dare say it... Christmas!

They were so right, so in the next 6 weeks I will be adding more new products that will make great gifts for those special people in your life.

So watch the website and the e-news for updates of new products.

Also in this issue:

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Make the most of your candles

Candles are a great way to add fragrance to your home and give the feeling of homeliness, relaxation and romance.

Below are some tips to get the most from your candles and make the pleasure of burning your favourite candle last longer.

  1. Keep in mind the safety issues first. Burn candles on a candle mat, in a votive holder or on a saucer. Hot wax dripping onto a wood surface can cause lasting damage. Keep lit candles out of the reach of children and pets and don't leave your candles burning while unattended. Keep your candle away from curtains and other flammable objects.

  2. Trim the wick. Keep the wick trimmed to approx ˝ cm. If your wick is too long your candle may burn more quickly and produce black smoke.

  3. Extinguish the flame – sooner rather than later. If you do use candles in your bedroom blow them out before you get too sleepy. Candles in bedrooms cause numerous fires every year. Use a candle snuffer to “snuff” the flame or hold your finger in front of the flame (not too close) and gently blow. By doing this you lessen the chance of having hot wax over you or your furniture.

  4. Keep your candles away from drafty places, windows that are open and air blowing from heating and cooling systems. Why? Your candle will burn unevenly, more quickly and may produce black smoke.

  5. Place your candles in the fridge. Cold candles burn more slowly and drip less. Wrap them in foil or cling wrap to prevent the wick becoming moist.

New Products

We have a large selection of new products arriving in the next 6 weeks, so check out our What's New page regularly for updates.

Here is a selection of our jewellery:

Lava Stone Pendants
Lava Stone Pendant
Enamalled Pewter Pendants
Pewter Heart Pendant
Enamalled Pewter Earrings
Pewter Heart Earrings
Black Lip Shell Pendant
Black Lip Shell Pendant
Red Leaf Glass Pendant
Red Glass Leaf Style Pendant

Special Offer

Have you seen a pendant on our website that you really like but would like the necklace to be a different length or on a different colour piece of leather thonging/cord or ribbon?

Ask us about our custom made service.

Simply email us and let us know which pendant you like and the type of stringing material you prefer and the length and we will get back to you. This service is available for most (but not all) of our pendants. So if you would like something made to order, please ask us.

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